Water Quality - Godalming Wharf

As part of an expanding programme of water quality tests in the Wey catchment coordinated by the Trust and Water Rangers we are able to test for e.coli at Godalming Wharf.
The standard for bathing water in England is 1000 CFU/100ml. (CFU - bacteria Colony Forming Units)
These tests are sponsored by Occupational Health Assessment and supported by Roar Outdoor

The tests are processed in the Water Rangers Community Lab at Zero in Guildford, a resource for everyone and providing a service for public use.

Further regular chemical tests for phosphate, nitrate and such as pH levels, together with kick sampling to assess key invertebrate species, allow us to record the state of the river, and share these data widely. The aim of the Trust and the groups along the river who carry out the tests is to provide a positive contribution to help understand and improve the eco system in which the river is a key element.

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