The Work Parties at Allee's Meadow have bee well supported, and we are seeing the meadow looking ... more like a meadow as the scrub built up over the past few years is cleared.
The addition of 'bridges' makes the waterside path a little less hazardous, and we hope to see more use being made of the meadow for visits and to undertake our water testing programme.

The regular water testing programme was supplemented by a 'blitz' to support World Water day (22nd March). On the weekend of the 18th March the Trust - with some generous funding from Godalming Town Council and in coordination with several groups along the river tested some 108 sites (as at Sunday evening) which is an enormous number, and will help understand the position of water quality over a wide swathe of the catchment. We also attracted a number of new volunteers at both Haslemere and ZERO Guildford who had events running on the 18th.

Clearing and Quality

The first few months of this year have seen a gradual increase in activities, and the Trust is no exception. Work on tidyingup Allee's Meadow has continued - despite the contributions of the various storms which added to the amount of work, and we have added some hardcore to the entrance of the meadow to allow some vehicles and machinery to access the site without getting stuck.
We've also seen a regular programme of invertebrate monitoring - Kick Sampling - and chemical testing being introduce. Easter Weekend saw the first of water quality testing training sessions. Our second training session on 29th May attracted a number of people, and we will be finalising our programme of test sites and sample volunteers in the coming weeks.
The Trust is working with Water Rangers to use their water testing kit together with a monitoring app, and is sharing this information with RiverSearch and the Wildlife Trusts as part of the increasing awareness of managing our water resources.


Reminder of subscription cost for Friends

The Annual subscription for Friends remained at £5.00 for many years. As we have been obliged to cancel the last two annual fund-raising picnic events - our most significant source of donations - combined with an ambitious programme of work and extended educational outreach, it was decided in late 2020 to revise the subscription costs, and adjust the rate for 'partnership' friends. Accordingly the subscription was raised for 2021/2 and beyond to:

  • Annual Membership: £10.00
  • Life Membership: £100.00, with a discount for Two members at the same address : £150.00
  • Life Membership for those 70 years and above: £50.00 with a discount for Two members at the same address : £75.00
The membership request page can be found here

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