Wey river Festival

The Trust were at the Wey River Festival arranged by the National Trust at their Dapdune Wharf property in Guildford. Some 1800 or so visitors to the event kept us and the other stands very busy ... with many families being 'dragged in' to see the sandbox and our information display

RWT Display at Wey Festival 2021

Rustic Sunday

A first 'public outing' for a while... The Trust's information stand and the AR Sandbox were at the Rural Life Centre in Tilford on 25th July for their Rustic Sunday event.

RWT Display at Rustic Sunday Inside the Gazebo at Rustic Sunday

Unfortunately for the 350+ visitors, there was some real rain outside as well as the virtual rain in the display!

Reporting Pollution

An item in 'Liphook Talkback' seems to have prompted the Liphook Herald to pick up the story and underline the importance of reporting pollution to the Environment Agency.
Whilst the Talkback item proved to be reporting some rather out of date opinions, the Herald's note on 3rd June can only help the cause. Liphook Herald 3 June 2021

Increase in subscription cost for Friends

The Annual subscription for Friends has remained at £5.00 for many years. As we have been obliged to cancel the last two annual fund-raising picnic events - our most significant source of donations - combined with an ambitious programme of work and extended educational outreach, it has been decided that now is the time to revise the subscription costs. Accordingly this year's subscriptions (2021/2) are now:

  • Annual Membership: £10.00
  • Life Membership: £100.00, with a discount for Two members at the same address : £150.00
  • Life Membership for those 70 years and above: £50.00 with a discount for Two members at the same address : £75.00
The membership request page can be found here

Sandbox on the BBC

The Augmented Reality Sandbox which we use in exhibitions, events and school visists was used by the Royal Institution for one of the Chistmas Lectures broadcast on the BBC. They are now available on iPlayer.
As a follow on to that activity, schools around the country were encouraged to 'talk' to the scientists and teams involved in setting up and supporting the lectures in a series of on-line 'chats' over four weeks - quite a challenge to keep up with them and encouraging to see the level of interest in, and awareness of the environment.

We were sad to announce that Adrian Bird, The Trust's Exec Officer, Founder, and a lifelong advocate for the river died on the 9th April 2020 in QA Portsmouth.
A self-effacing, hard working, funny, and intelligent man who never ceased to work for the benefit of the River, the environment, and the village. The 2020 summer edition of the Liphook Community Magazine carried an article celebrating Adrian and his engagement in many local activities and an oak bench to celebrate his contribution to Bramshott and the surrounding area has been installed at the crosssroads in Bramshott village.

Adrian's Bench at Bramshott

The River Wey Trust: F

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