The Work Parties at Allee's Meadow have not yet started this year. We have been given a grant from EHDC to tackle some of the larger clearance tasks, and was started - but delayed by the weather which has left the meadow soggy enough to deter the use of those machines needed. That work should start again soon, and once completed will give us the open meadow and the opportunity to get to those smaller work party tasks.

The regular water testing programme has continued and provides us with good ecology results. The chemical testing will now be supplemented with tests to measure coliforms (bacteria) and specifically e.coli. This has been possible due to the Trust with Water Rangers and Zero Guildford combining - with funding support and encouragement for a number of places - to establish a "community Lab" in Guildford High Street. An important development, this allows us to understand the state of the river in terms of this element of pollution. Using an ISO certified method, the data collected hwelps us to see and target the problem atreas and point the resources of the Environment Agency and Wwater companies to specific issues.

The water quality page is the place to see the results and the extend of our water monitoring.

Reminder of subscription cost for Friends

The Annual subscription for Friends remained at £5.00 for many years. As we have been obliged to cancel the last two annual fund-raising picnic events - our most significant source of donations - combined with an ambitious programme of work and extended educational outreach, it was decided in late 2020 to revise the subscription costs, and adjust the rate for 'partnership' friends. Accordingly the subscription was raised for 2021/2 and beyond to:

  • Annual Membership: £10.00
  • Life Membership: £100.00, with a discount for Two members at the same address : £150.00
  • Life Membership for those 70 years and above: £50.00 with a discount for Two members at the same address : £75.00
The membership request page can be found here

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