Topography, Maps and Volcanoes

Looking at maps in the real world and Using the AR Sandbox to model features

Intended for senior school classes studying geography, this lesson plan suggests a number of activities to present methods and principles, combining classroom activities, using the AR Sandbox, and external ‘field trips’ to link maps to the real world.

  • To relate the 2D representation of topography shown on topographic maps to features in the field.
  • To produce a simple map and introduce the ideas of scale (graphic and representative fraction) and reinforce the use of direction (points of a compass and azimuths).
  • To examine topographic changes resulting from volcanic activity.

Students learn about maps, map scales and topography using online resources, printed maps and the hands-on Augmented Reality Sandbox. Using field trips - or perhaps a visit outside the classroom - they learn to relate a printed map to real world features. Supplemented by creating landscapes in the sandbox, and looking at the dramatic changes which can be caused by volcanic activity.

The notes are an outline lesson plan with some guidance for students.

Lesson Plan

The guidance and notes for the Lesson in this download file provide some notes, and outline tasks list for the students.

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