Looking at the Wey Valley

Using the AR Sandbox to look at Contours, Rivers, and the Wey Valley Landscape

This is a shorter version of the OS Mapping Lesson plan intended for year 4/5 classes studying the Rivers topic. Using the hills and valleys you make in the sand, the model can show what happens when it ‘rains’ – where the water goes and how it flows until it gathers in a marsh area, pond, sea or lake. This is used as a way to demonstrate topography, Watershed and Catchment areas, allowing changes in shape or volume to be seen in action.
The Slides give a suggested use of the sandbox as a project/lesson plan looking at maps, contours and rivers..

Students learn about contours on a map and what they mean in '3D' using the hands-on Augmented Reality Sandbox.

Using the local area of the southern River Wey, Students will see the use of contours and colours on maps, then see what that means in the Sandbox as they build their own version of the landscape and river forms.


The Slide Pack

The PowerPoint slide show to introduce the lesson is created in Microsoft Powerpoint - it may not translate to other slideshow tools (eg Keynote or Libre Office) without a bit of tweaking.
Download the slidepack here.

The River Wey Trust: F