Schedule of Trustees

Nominated by Bramshott and Liphook Preservation Society (3-year tenure)
Michael Croucher8 February 2018February 2021

Nominated by East Hampshire District Council (one-year tenure)
Anthony Williams 3 October 2019October 2021 *

Nominated by Hampshire County Council (one-year tenure)
Russell Oppenheimer9 May 2019May 2021 *

Nominated by Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council (one-year tenure)
Jeanette Kirby 7 February 2019 February 2021 *

Nominated by Headley Parish Council (one-year tenure)
Andrew Luff20 May 2019May 2021 *

Appointed Trustees (3-year tenure)
James Simon Bleach8 February 2018February 2021
Barbara Easton3 October 2019October 2021
Angela Glass3 October 2019October 2021
Philip Jordan 8 February 2018February 2021
Roger James Miller8 February 2018February 2021
Robert John Wilson8 February 2018February 2021
Alistair John Young8 February 2018February 2021

* NB: In view of national guidelines restricting social distancing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with its resultant restrictions on local government meetings, the nominees of Hampshire County Council, East Hampshire District Council and the Parish Councils of both Headley and Bramshott & Liphook have had their tenures extended for a further year.
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