River Wey Trust Learning Resources

The Trust is able to support learning and education in a number of ways. Natural History, ecology and the life of the river are a key interest, and many of the RWT friends are able to support events or projects, as well as offering places in the Trust work parties, or nature walks.

Wider opportunities exist to support interest and education around many water related topics - the topography and impact of water ; understanding watersheds and our part in maintaining the environments they sustain; the structure of a river and its development; flooding and its impact; and industrial development with water - transport, canals and locks . There are a number of information sheets available to support these topics.
Giving 'hands on' experiences with the "Augmented Reality Sandbox" offers the opportunity to model cause and effect .. as well as being great fun for all ages.

There is also an opportunity to have a speaker from the Trust to talk about topics including the work of the Trust, River conservation, the Impact of Planning on the Riparian Environment ... or a number of other subjects.

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